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Pretty Ink'd

Pretty Ink'd- Red Deer's Permanent Makeup/ Paramedical Tattoo Specialist.

Master/ Instructor level technician.  CPCP.  

Member- SPCP (society permanent cosmetic professionals) 



About Pretty Ink'd

Licenced. Certified.


Pretty Ink'd Inc. takes training, knowledge and certification seriously. Permanent makeup/ paramedical tattoo. 


We are fully licensed and insured.  

Maintaining: Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, Skin Penetration Certification, NCSO, and the covenant International Certification of MASTER/ INSTRUCTOR level Technician- held at the AIIC in Texas.  

Corrine is a member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals) and holds a CPCP license (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional).

Corrine also holding advanced certification in:  Scar Camouflage, Scalp Micropigmentation, Areola Reconstruction, Microblading, and Advanced Intradermal Paramedical Technician.

Corrine has a local Red Deer, AB. studio, works from Surgeon's offices, and is now starting to Guest-Spot her tattoo services by demand- (specific dates only).

So when you book with Pretty Ink'd... not only is each procedure unique!  But so are your booking options.

Our Services


 Pretty Ink'd is gender neutral.  Offering tattoo services to both men & women.

State of the art equipment & MRI friendly VEGAN inks... in a beautiful private studio setting.


Lip lines.  Lip color.  Eye tattoo: lash enhancement, eyeliner, Diva liner, mucosal liner, eyeshadow and smoky eye techniques...

Eyebrow: microblading and powdered ombre techniques, Hybrid & 3D Brows... and any combination of such.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation (for alopecia, or hair thinning/ hair loss), Cosmetic scar enhancement/ camouflage.  Areola tattoo service (complete re-creation of Areola/nipple, Areola shape correction, and also offering Diva design shapes (heart, star, etc.)

Please refer to Pretty Ink'd Pricing menu... (found in online booking)... for a full list of services, prices and detailed description of each service. 

Financing is now available through a chosen third party- for all P'INK individual or packaged services!  Fantastic rates and low monthly payments... book a consult and enquire today.

About Corrine


Owner/Operator of Pretty Ink'd.

Steady hand.  Artistic eye.

Master / Instructor level technician.


Corrine believes that Permanent makeup should be soft and enhance natural beauty... not over take it.

Corrine's Paramedical tattoo style... is a very natural tattoo- that often is left looking very lifelike with 3D techniques!  

Corrine is currently training/ mentoring with Stacie-Rae (A.R.T.) to become the newest team member for the highest of standards of 3D tattooing and realism in areola tattooing.

And her Permanent makeup style... is left entirely up to the client!  She can make a subtle and soft tattoo design... or a dramatic Diva look. 

Permanent make-up has evolved!  It does not have to look like a tattoo.  Nor- does it have to hurt. 

Corrine uses full numbing for all procedures- and clients feel little discomfort, if any.  She has even had clients fall asleep on her chair!

Enquire today!  See how you can become the newest member of the P'Inkd client family.  


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If you are even considering permanent makeup, or have paramedical tattoo needs... send a message to discuss your concerns. 

All questions and concerns will be addressed... leaving you feeling very comfortable, and knowledgeable on what you can expect.  

Insurance questions and submission requirements can also be addressed.  PRETTY INK'd- is a preferred insurance provider for paramedical tattoo.   

*note: individual claims/coverage vary according to your specific coverage and insurance provider. 

Pretty Ink'd

90 Lagrange Crescent, Red Deer, Alberta

Private licensed studio. All bookings are done online. Use BOOK NOW button. * Confirmed appointments only * No walk-ins available.


Pretty Ink'd Services

All procedures- require a deposit- paid at time of booking, and in advance of procedure. This applies to both: Physicians on behalf of patients, as well as Pretty ink'd clients. Rescheduling appointments must be done min 24 hours in advance of appointment- or deposit will be forefited. GST applies to all services.